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PBIS Kickoff

We are proud to announce the implementation of  our Positive Behavior Intervention Strategy (PBIS) behavior expectations, which is DREAM. DREAM stands for Dedication, Responsibility, Etiquette, Attitude and Motivation, our motto is "Your Future Vision and Goals Starts with Dream Behavior".


At W.A.Y Academy we believe that our staff, students and community members need to behave in the “DREAM” manner, to achieve academic success and to ameliorate our community. Implementing the “DREAM”, as our PBIS framework, means that we are focusing on teaching our kids proper behaviors in different setting (Responsibility and Etiquette), the importance of maintaining and exemplifying positive behavior (Attitude) and focusing on tasks at hand (Dedication and Motivation). By creating a positive culture and climate, we hope to see an increase in academic performance and decrease in behavioral issues.


Studies have shown that schools with good culture and climate, positively impact school staff, parents, students and the community in many ways. We at W.A.Y believe that it takes a village to raise a child, however the village focus need to be on positively development, characteristic, growth as well as students achievement.


So please spread the word about our Positive Behavior Intervention Strategy and support our “DREAM” behavior acronym at home and around the community.

New partnerships announced!

Here at W.A.Y Academy we are continuing to connect with the community and partners to find different ways stay in the technology age. The 2018-2019 school year we have the opportunity to work with Drive One auto tech program, STREAM 2015 environmentalist program, and The Young Techneuors group.


Drive One, our students at W.A.Y Academy are having fun with Mr. Bolduc and the Drive One team at W.A.Y Academy East. Drive One is a Automobile program that trains students on Automobile technology and design for building, repairing and racing cars. Researchers at W.A.Y Academy West have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with Drive One. Students if you are interested please sign up with Mrs. Daniels in the main office.


STREAM 2035, is a partnership with St. Suzanne Cody Rouge, Cody Rouge Alliance, and The Ralph C. Wilson Foundation. The program will focus on effective Storm Water drainage and the importance of community gardens; in which, students will learn the basic of “Storm Water Cycle”, infiltration rate and urban gardens.


STREAM, is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematic, this program will focus on lessons in those areas. For more information on the STREAM 2035 program, please contact Mr. Hyman or Mrs. Daniels for more information.


The Young Techneuor is a new program at W.A.Y Academy West, which focuses on  21st century technology paths, the impact of technology in our lives and how companies are using technology to improve businesses. The Young Techneuors fuse skills, technology and entrepreneurship..


Students in the Techneuor program will learn basic coding, web-design, Graphic-design, Data analysis, Social behavior, Marketing, Business and Entrepreneurship skills. For more information on the Young Techneuor program, please contact Mr. Hyman or Mrs. Daniels for more information.