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Charles Hyman

Team Leader

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Growing up in the Metro Detroit area, I have experienced the academic and social challenges, which hinder many of our youth from achieving their goals and aspirations. Understanding the challenges and struggle, my passion is to help our youth create and focus on attaining their academic and career goals.

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, I attended Crockett Technical/Vocational High School, which I studied Graphic Design and participated in the Young Men of Excellence (YME) male mentoring group. The Young Men of Excellence program is where I found my passion for helping others, through mentoring and community service. Experiencing the power of mentoring, as a mentee, I was abled to gain confidence, inspiration and the focus I need to complete high school and pursue college.

My collegiate studies were at Eastern Michigan University and The University of Phoenix. During that time, I continued to pursue my passion in mentoring and service, in which, I helped start Hyman and Simmons LLC and Amil Youth Group (501 C3) non-profit. Both are companies that focus on mentoring, tutoring and building our communities, for over 15 years. I have worked with variety schools, foster care agencies, churches and communities around the Metro Detroit area, helping our youth set goals and attain their goals. At, W.A.Y Academy, I'm the Team Leader, which I assist and motivate our researchers to complete course work and help guide them to attaining their career goals.

Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), University of Phoenix

Bachelors of Arts (BA), Eastern Michigan University


Junior Abraham

Title 1 Math

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I have been teaching high school students in Detroit since 1976, which has brought me many rewards. One of which is helping students discover their strengths and unique skills in order to maximize their potential. At Grand Valley State University, I earned my Bachelor of Science Degree. My Master’s of Education and Education Specialist degree in Administration were earned at Wayne State University.


Teneshia Daniels

Administrative Assistant

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I was selected to join the WAY staff in September of 2017 as the administrative assistant to the director of WAY Academy Detroit west campus. In this position, I serve as the attendance liaison, parent engagement coordinator and the first line of contact regarding enrollment and student record questions and request. Recently I was appointed organizer for the WAY Academy Detroit West “pretty brown girls group”.

I am a graduate of the now closed David Mackenzie high school in Detroit, Michigan. I am also a graduate of the University of Phoenix with my Bachelor of Science in psychology degree. Currently I am a student at Central Michigan University where I will receive my MBA with an ERP emphasis using SAP software during the summer of 2019. Outside of work and school, I enjoy spending time with my husband and children, shopping, skiing, bowling and traveling. My favorite saying is:



Matthew Bolduc

Math Teacher

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Matthew Bolduc is my name and I am the middle school math teacher at WAY Academy West Campus. I am an Eastern Michigan graduate with my BA focused on Elementary Education and K-8 Mathematics. It is my belief that the greatest moment a teacher can experience is what I, and many other teachers, call the light bulb or “aha” moment; a situation where it is seen that a student fully understands the material that is being taught after struggling through the content. Experiencing these moments and developing the minds of our future citizens/leaders is what I love most about my job.


Juanita Booker

Special Education

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I received my Bachelor Degree from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo and my Master Degree from Wayne State University. I taught for many years in the Detroit Public Schools and began at West in 2016. I love teaching because I believe that every student has their strengths and their unique talents. I believe that education can bring out their best and help them to fulfill their potential. The best part of teaching is when a student suddenly understands a problem or concept that had previously seemed impossible. Those “eureka” moments when the bewildering suddenly becomes clear and the student has a sense of accomplishment and pride, are a big part of why I love my job.


Jessica Smith


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