WAY Forward is a rigorous, standards-focused Middle School curriculum which meets students at their level to attain mastery. To do this we utilize the national Common Core State Standards and Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations. WAY Forward students customize their learning plans with the assistance of a real-time reporting tool and a team of highly qualified educators to move them forward to High School. Students are also able to earn High School credit while competing components of their Middle School curriculum.

WAY Forward is a blended learning model utilizing face-to-face collaborations and online learning supported by a dedicated project team. Students co-create learning in project based integrated experiences with the support of highly-qualified content area experts. Students are provided with a technology package necessary for success in blended learning experiences. Students utilize additional technology and materials for "hands on" learning in the local labs.


  • Middle School students
  • Student Centric
  • Standards Focused Curriculum
  • Rigorous, Project Based Integrated Learning
  • Proficiency based
  • Personalized 21st Century Global Learning
  • Real-time progress reporting
  • Blended learning environment
  • 24/7/365 online access with live support