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Open Enrollment

WAY Academy of Flint is a tuition-free Public School Academy serving students and their families through a blended learning model. Open enrollment for the 2017-2018 school year will begin in the Summer of 2017 for Middle School and High School. Interested students and their families may contact the academy by calling 810-412-8655.

This school is a Public School Academy authorized by Lake Superior State University according to the Michigan Revised School Code. It has an open enrollment policy and does not discriminate on the basis of intellectual or physical abilities, achievement or aptitude, religion, race or gender.

About WAY Academy

Welcome to a new educational experience that encourages self-esteem, independence and a clear path to college and careers. Welcome to a place where every student is provided with personalized, student-centered learning, and unique in-school and online environments with 24/7 live access to educators.

WAY Academy provides your child a world-class education so that he/she is prepared with the tools for success after graduating with a high school diploma. Our global blended learning model encourages positive self-esteem, academic excellence, and lifelong learning for all young people.

WAY Academy is changing the way students are being taught by embracing the way they already learn. The proven success of WAY is now ready to be presented to the young people of Flint as WAY Academy.

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